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July 17, 2008


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Hi, well I think there is alot you could do with your mums homefront, but I just love her house, we don't have very many big beautiful old homes like that where I live, (small town in New Zealand) and if we do they are worth a fortune. I'm thinking fairylites or some kind of little twinkling lights would look good, they always look really attractive and welcoming. I need to do something like that to our homefront as its totally bland and boring but has lots of potential. Thanks for getting me thinking about it, and have a great day!

High Desert Diva

I think it's wonderful that you're doing this...

lulu redstar

You've inspired me. I know that digging around in the garden is very healing and calming. I am sure you probably need that little bit of TLC.
You are an angel!
xo lulu

High Desert Diva

*waves to your FACE*

Love, love, love the new blog header!

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